User’s guide: How to work with the portal“Open Budget”

General information on the Portal

The portalis an automatedsystem for providingdataon revenues and expendituresof the republican andlocal budgetson the Internet.
To present the informationon theexecution of the statebudget inthe form ofdetailed andup to date. Portalupdated onlineby obtaining datafrom the databaseof the Treasury, except for information, access to which is restricted in accordancewith the laws ofthe Kyrgyz Republic.

Opening the Portal

To get started, open a web browser(Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.) and in the address barenter the address,as shownin Figure 1.

When you enter the correct address, Portal will open the main menu (Fig. 2).

Income includessubsections:
1.Total revenues
3.Income fromfee-based services

  • Subsection "Total income"

In this section,you can viewdetaileddata on incomeat the levelof regions, districtsandayil-okmotu (Fig. 3).

Button     meansthat withina given levelissublevel.
Button   meansthat, at thislevel, you cancreaterevenueby selectingthe required period.

  • Subsection "Detailed flowfortaxpayers

This subsectionallows you to seeall paymentsin favor ofpayingthe state budgetfor the period.You must enter theINN (individual entrepreneur or legal entity) (Fig. 4).

Select a period, such as January 1, 2012you can see allof thepayerpaymentsto the state budgetfor the year 2012. You can also seefees for2011, if you specify the period from 01January to31 December 2011(Fig. 4.1and 4.2).

  • Subsection"Income fromfee-based services"

In this section,you can seeincome frompaid services topublic bodies (Fig. 5.1. andFig. 5.2.)

Section"Expenses" includes sections"Expensesby function", "Expenses forthe Office", "Statementof expenditureon the establishment" and "by the beneficiary"

  • Subsection"Expensesby function"

In this section, you can see the cost of state bodies on the main economic functions (Figure 6):

  • General public services
  • economic issues
  • Environmental protection
  • Housing and community amenities
  • Healthcare
  • Recreation, cultureand religion
  • Education
  • Social protection

  • Subsection “Expenses by departments”

In this section,you can seethe costsof publicbodies toauthorities, including central officeand subsidiary organizations(Figure 7).

  • Subsection"Statementof expenditure by institution”

In this section,you cansee thestatementof expenditurebygovernmentagencies, including thecentral officeand subsidiary organizations(Fig.8.1., 8.2., 8.3.)

  • Subsection “By recipients”

In this section,"accordingto the recipient" can be viewed from the state budgetpayments(ie paymentsofgovernmentin favor ofa particularlegal entity or individualentrepreneurTIN)accruedto thisentity (Fig. 9).

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